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Serviam Media, Inc.
P.O. Box 7769
Wilmington, DE 19803
(302) 429-0303

What's YOUR Story?

How do I get my story told on Content Delaware?

Subscribe to Content Delaware to receive email updates about calls for proposals. Submitting your idea is a simple process.

How are stories chosen?

Story ideas are submitted to volunteer content advisory boards and selected based on a few criteria: Impact, Originality, etc. Subscribe to Content Delaware to receive updates about calls for proposals.

Can I submit my own video to Content Delaware?

We will soon be accepting independent submissions for our Community Camera channel that will feature locally produced, short format media. We will also be posting special Calls for Entry for short format, Delaware-themed media. Subscribe to Content Delaware for updates to stay informed.

How do I contact Content Delaware?

Click here to find our contact information.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Nonprofits, businesses, universities, government agencies…do you want to provide critical content about your efforts to new audiences? Want to stay on the cutting edge of the digital information curve?

Content Delaware offers opportunities for individual or coalition-based underwriting of feature story and public affairs series. For detailed information about how you can work with your colleagues and partners to produce a series on one of our Channels, contact us.